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Cylinder Security Statement

In light of recent publicity surrounding the threat to home security through the method
of lock snapping, the Association of Composite Door Manufacturers has prepared
a statement to guide consumers in the most effective methods of improving home

The lock attack MO that has been highlighted in recent media activity exploits one
specific vulnerability of certain types of locking mechanisms. A number of retro fit
solutions are available in the market, aimed at addressing this element of external
door security. If this retro fit route is chosen then use a reputable locksmith and
ensure that the retrofit package is compliant with the GGF/DHF TS007 document.
The most thorough method of upgrading the security of your home is to specify
certified PAS 24 door sets, specifically those that carry third party certification.

PAS 24 is a security performance standard that addresses the security of all aspects of
the complete door set, including locking systems, hinges, glazing and the strength and
resistance to attack of the door leaf and frame. Specific test methods to address this
specific lock vulnerability have been included within PAS 24 since 2007. Therefore,
more than half a decade, the Association of Composite Door Manufacturers members
have been providing complete door sets that resist snapping, and all other methods of
attack, employed by opportunist burglars,

For further details on the extensive range of options for high security composite
entrance door sets, please follow the links to our members’ websites or contact us at:



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